Syscob Pty Ltd provide can on-site support for clients that are unable (or unwilling) to have an inhouse user, administrator, or IT staff member configure and set up Export-It or Export-It Plus on a workstation or Local Area Network [LAN].  Syscob applications are designed to be installed, maintained and updated by the user.  And numerous "Handy Guide" documents are available with step-by-step instructions for performing virtually any necessary task.  Meaning that onsite installation and maintenance support is usually not necessary, but is available to customers that require assistance.


Onsite training can also be provided for Export-It (in most cases this is not really needed) for clients that are not comfortable following the User Guide to learn how to use the system.  However, due to the low cost of the application and its ease of use, training for the application is not included in the price of the software.  The Export-It Plus application, due to its additional complexity and higher price, does include an allowance (which varies with version purchased) for on site training, but additional training can also be arranged.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and information on cost and scheduling of any onsite service.