Australia was the forerunner of EDI regulatory data flow commencing with the ACS EXIT1 system in 1988 (with the now defunct ECN, which was replaced with the EDN in October 2004). Next ACS implemented the EXIT2 (manifests) system in 1991.


This was followed by the launch of the EXDOC system in August 1992 by AQIS. The first commodity to be included in the EXDOC system was Meat. This was followed in 1998 with Dairy, and then came Fish, Grain, Horticulture, Wool and Skins & Hides. This year, 2008, saw two more commodities, Eggs and Inedible Meat, joining the other 7 commodities. Syscob has offered their agency clients the ability to obtain export documents for each commodity upon its introduction.


The RFP, or Request for Permit, is the electronic version of the manual Notices of Intention to Export (EX28s and EX222s), which the EXDOC system has been designed to process electronically. Use of EDI, whether directly or through an agency service, provides exporters with faster turn around than the old manual systems could provide.


For details, cost schedule and  forms please contact the Syscob EDI Agency.